The printer is now an essential and crucial device, especially for usage in offices. There are numbers of printer brands available in the market and Brother is one of those. Brother printers are easy and comfortable to use and quite good in quality. But, sometimes affected by some errors, it may irritate and trouble the users which are quite common in printers of other brands also. When you face any error related to the brother printer, you may take help of the Brother Printer customer service or you can talk to an expert on Brother Printer support number.

Brother Printer Error 72

What is Brother Printer error 72?

There are a number of error codes that occur in printers and those are seen occurring in the Brother Printers also. Brother Printer Error code 72 is one of those errors which occur in the Brother Printer. When this error occurs in your Brother Printer, it displays the “Unable to print” message. There are several reasons for this error. One of those reasons is that when the condensation inside the printer is not working appropriately. The difference of the temperature inside and outside of the printer also can make it display this Brother Printer error 72or Brother printer error code 72. By applying some simple methods, you can easily eradicate this error from your printer. If you need you can take help from the team of Brother Printer customer support also and to talk to a professional you can contact on Brother Printer support number.

Some Solutions to the Brother Printer Error 72

Like other Printers, errors or issues occur in the brother printer also and those can be resolved by following some simple steps. Here are the solutions by following which you can simply remove the brother printer error 72 from the. Those are as follows;

Solution no.1

  • Begin the process of removing Brother Printer error code72 from your brother printer by cutting off the power connection of your printer.
  • After that, by waiting for some seconds, you have to switch on your printer again.
  • When your printer starts showing the date and time, then you need to run a test print because now there is no error in your Brother printer.

If after this error also you are facing this error, then you have to move to the alternate solution.

Solution no.2
  • Firstly, you need to transfer the fax from your printer if you have anyanother Fax machine or printer.
  • Next, moving to the printer menu you got to press 9, 0, and 1 and then you can see the saved faxes.
  • You can see the menu only then if there is an error or issue in the LCD or in the printing machine.
  • After restarting the printer if you find any error, any numeric option will not be there for you.
  • The LCD display exhibits the ‘No Data’ message when there is no fax in the memory of the printer.
  • Now you need to move on “WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS” as said carefully.
  • If you get any fax removed from the printer’s memory, then all the saved fax should be transferred from another device.

Suggestion- When you transfer data from the Brother printer to any another device, you should take care that the Station ID is already programmed in the machine before the error occurs.

  • Next step, you have to type the transferring fax numbers of yours to the device and then choose the “Black Start”.


  • Before transferring the fax to your PC, you have to ensure that there is MLF pro suite or any supporting software installed beforehand to send them.
  • When the process gets completed, you just have to press “Stop”
  • Next by proceeding to the printer menu options, you have to choose “Fax, Remote Fax opts, Fwd/Page/Store”.
  • Now After that, by using UP and Down arrow you then have to select PC Fax Receive
  • When you get the confirmation message after following the process above, you then have to click at “OK”.
  • Finish this process by restarting your printer and then take a print test of a page to see if the problem is solved or not.

If you are unable to troubleshoot this brother printer error code 72 from your printer, you can take help from the team of Brother Printer customer service or you can also contact Brother Printer support number.


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