As we all know the Canon printer is the most recognized, reliable and popular printer in the world. When it comes to getting the print outs, the Canon printer Support is the most trustworthy printers in the world.
There is nothing quite worst like an unprecedented Error message when you try to print out something and printer will make you scratch your head or hit one of the nearby walls with your hand.Nowadays, most of the customers using Canon printers, face issues with their printers such as E05 error code.

Error E05 In Canon Printer

Why error message like to fix error E05 in canon printer shows up?

Canon Printer Error E05 shows up when your Canon printer is having trouble recognizing one or more cartridges installed in the printer.

Also, These cartridge issues could be caused by various reasons. If your cartridge is not installed properly in the printer or if the cartridge is stuck in the drum and unable to move. Sometimes, if a cartridge is not just inserted in the printer, then it can also cause the printer  E05 error code.

Sometimes, if there is a lot of dust or ink spread on the cartridges can stop the printer to read the instructions from the cartridge, and the error could occur on the printer. In many cases, if the metallic golden contacts have become considerably or internally damaged while handling the cartridge, it may cause the printer to pause printing.
In most of the cases, the E05 printer error code related to cartridges happen when you are making use of refurbished or third-party ink cartridges. However, you can still print by using the compatible cartridges in the printer. You just need to provide your printer with a bit more time to let it recognize the printer cartridges, that’s all.

What steps to follow to fix error 05 in canon printer

The following steps will assist you successfully fix error 05 in Canon printer:
1-Firstly, take all the cartridges out of the printer.
2- Power off the printer using the power button, but not from the main switch.

3- Use a soft piece of clean cotton cloth to carefully wipe the golden metallic strips located on the front of the cartridges.

4- This is the prime reason that helps your printer to read the instructions from the cartridge. Hence, ensure that you clean the waste ink or dirt from thecartridges completely.
5- Now, switch the printer back on.
6- Now Carefully, put the cartridge back into the printer and make sure that they are inserted properly and always go through the printer manual that comes with the printer Or Goes to Canon printer tech support or Canon printer supportor contact on Canon printer customer service number.

If luck is with you, your printer will start printing perfectly fine without giving you an error code E05. If Canon printer still won’t print, it means that your ink cartridges are damaged, unfortunately. Now, you need to replace the old cartridge with the new original ink cartridges.
If your printer is old and you have replaced cartridges many times without any nice results, your printer head may be broken or cartridges contacts inside the printer may be broken and damaged as well.

Any error can be solved manually by following the steps given on Canon Printer tech support or any other further query can be answered on Canon printer support. Users can also make avail of Canon printer customer service number to discuss the displaying issue with an expert.

Other Possible causes of the error include:

  • Ink cartridge not installed properly.
  • Any Wrong ink cartridge installed (unsupported kind of cartridge).
  • The printer is not detecting the ink cartridge properly.
Ink cartridge not installed properly

If the inter and reinstall it. Ensure that it is fully installed and snaps into place safely. Then try printing again. Make sure you switch off the printer and turn it back on to resolve the error message.

The printer is not detecting the ink cartridge properly

It’s also possible that the printer is not detecting the cartridge after installing it. This issue could be due to the printer being unclean a lot of ink in the ink cartridge tray or ink overflow tray). Try to clean the printer thoroughly and install the cartridges again to see if this fixes the error.

Printer drivers

Another option to try is to reinstall the printer driver. If the driver has become corrupted, reinstall the driver this may fix the issue.

Resetting printer counters

There are other options to try, including to reset specific printer functions and counters. For these options, you have to either search the net for your printer model and specific reset instructions or service number. The reset instructions differ by


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